Brett Simester has struggled to balance a normal life with daily, uncontrollable seizures for nearly three decades. Now in his 40s, a rare and expensive surgery could change his life – but is he ready?

As featured on Canada’s Absolutely Ottawaon the CBC.

Screen shot Brett

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Reaping what they sow: Canadian mining companies abroad

Canadian mining companies are striking it rich in developing countries — but complaints of human rights abuses and environmental damage belie promises of good corporate citizenship. A landmark court case against Toronto-based Hudbay Minerals Inc. by indigenous Guatemalan plaintiffs may mean that misbehaving companies can be sued in Canada for crimes committed at their subsidiaries.

Lucia, Lago Izabel, Guatemala

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The ancient art of glass blowing

Flo Glass Blowing studio is unique in Ottawa, using time-tested technology that has been handed down since Roman times. Take a virtual class.


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To his own drum – Jordan Gauthier

Jordan Gauthier is a Nepean-born punk rock drummer who also crafts his own line of drum kits for such up-and-coming bands as the Arkells. Step into his workshop.


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